Most folk would probably tap right into the heart of the matter whence exploring the roots of a name; i prefer to start with the soul ( or sole in this case).

It is actually quite a humorous story, one which, revolves around a now somewhat famous first attempt at releasing a thoroughly seasoned and very cool turkey into a too small and too full pot of very hot peanut oil, the results of which provided me many new opportunities, including, but not limited to, documenting the events leading up to and including a cajun wedding, all whilst my tender tootsies had unhampered exposure to the ground below and the air above. Got it?

I'd love to offer a more complete telling of this evolution. However, right now i think time would be better spent finishing some of the rest of this site, and flushing out the fun stories later.

So, a teaser, if you will, to entice you for a return visit to this link and see just how and why i did come up with such a name.


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