And now for the stuff I'd rather not talk about, but need to.

I feel the legal side related to my imagery on the web is fairly straight forward. I created all of this imagery with my mind, eyes and camera. Thus all rights to and to use of the imagery belong to me.

Now, I have NO problem with someone seeing an image on these pages and thinkin', "hey, that is really cool. I'd like to:

1. come back and look at this and more!

2. pull that onto my desk top and just check it out now and again

3. e-mail it to a friend so they can check it out

4. print out a copy on my laser printer and pin it to my or my sister's wall."

These uses are completely fine with me. I'd even encourage them, though I might suggest with number two, you send along the url ( in case you forgot) so your friend can look up the rest of the images if they like.

HOWSOEVER, trying to use the images for any commercial or non-commercial purpose, like to advertise or sell an event/product/service ( and others not mentioned specifically) etc..... is completely out of line. This applies to those using the images in a print campaign ( the res is so low, they would look horrible anyway), electronic campaign, or any other campaign not mentioned or imagined.

Thus the legalize:

All images ©scott saltzman.

All rights are reserved.

No image(s) may be used without the expressed written consent of Scott Saltzman.


©1998-2012 Scott Saltzman
All Rights Reserved