I have been making imagery for, well, a while. That is longer than some, and not nearly as long as others. I am most interested in exploring how my imagery, in general, can tell stories, particularly stories that others may not have the opportunity to experience. Unless I can share my imagery with them. This is what drives me to explore places like the northern Peten of Guatemala and learn from the incredible communities who have been gracious enough to allow me in and make imagery of and within their lives.

My music imagery is no different in this vein. I am not interested in making imagery that mearly shows "__________" ( you fill in the music personality) on the stage. Instead I want to capture a bit of who they are as a musician,, at least on stage, not just a musical personality. Though I shoot many 'personalities', I am just as interested in the (nationally) lesser known street musician, or the warm-up act, if they truly 'express' through their music. Cliché as it is, capturing the essence of who that performer is at that moment or moments is what I strive for.

I attempt to capture this musical feeling it in a way that you might relate to, but did not necessarily see even if we were at the same performance. I rarely think of these things as I am shooting. I mearly attempt to tap the energy I feel in the performance in front of me. I hope you can feel it too. I'd love to hear what you think!



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