Hello and hoping your Summer's are peaceful ones! Click here or on the header above and it will take you to the images from the May recital. The site is setup very similar to the images from December 2017:

  • ALL of the images are in one section. Yes, there near 300 images; However the chronology of it is the Final scene and then each of the individual dances. So if you recall WHEN your child danced, you can scroll directly to those images. You have the option, once you make your selection, to review JUST the selections you have made without all the rest (option is top right on page). It also tells you how many you have selected. It will be much easier to view them to make sure you only have the ones you want. You also ONLY have to fill in your name and contact information ONCE.
  • The pricing has not changed but let me explain again WHAT you are receiving. With payment, you are receiving a DIGITAL image that YOU can print as MANY TIMES as you like, either at home or with a printing service. You are NOT receving a physical print.
  • The prices are PER IMAGE PURCHASED. The first 5 images you purchase cost $20 EACH. If you purchase more than 5 images, EACH SUBSEQUENT image is only $15. Purchase 5 images, pay $100 (5*$20). Purchase 10 images pay $100 (5*$20) + $75( 5*$15) = $175. Again, you can later print these files these as much as you like without any additional charge.

The DIGITAL image(s) you will receive has resolution sufficient for printing ( or posting) of at least 8x10 and often 11x14 sized images. Remember, this fee allows you to print as many copies of whatever size as you like and as often as you like. If you would also like me to print special sizes for you, please contact me. Please note, these images are copyrighted; you do not have the rights to sell nor give these to others who might sell them or use them for commercial purposes.

Most Sincerely,

Scott Saltzman
(504) 957 7222