Live Oak Dance Recital 28 May 2017


Dance #1

Dance #2 & #3

Dance #4

Dance #6

Dance #7 part 2
Dance #5
Dance #7 part 1
Above are links to each of the dance pieces from the 2017 Recital. You may, as you view the images, make selections of images you would like to purchase. You will be asked to fill in your name and email and phone number for EACH section. A list will be emailed to me with your choices. I will contact you regarding receipt of ( email) and payment for the images. The first 5 images you purchase are $20/, every image after is $15/.

The DIGITAL image you will receive has resolution sufficient for printing ( or posting) of at least 8x10 and often 11x14 sized images. Remember, this fee allows you to print as many copies of whatever size as you like and as often as you like. If you would also like me to print special sizes for you, we can discuss that possibility. These images are copyrighted; you do not have the rights to sell nor give these to others who might sell them.

Respectfully yours,
Scott Saltzman